2. Is in-home care best for my family?

So Today I will tell you about Pet Sitting and all the benefits for you & your pet(s).

First just a walk-through of the “pre-trip process” When you book your trip you should call your pet sitter and get on the schedule to guarantee your pet(s) care sessions, because unlike boarding facilities that care for 10-30 pets at one time your pet will receive individual care in your home so the pet sitter must schedule properly. Once you are on the schedule you are set till about a week before your trip when your pet sitter can stop by meet you and your pet(s). At that time you will discuss any personal or medical needs for your pet(s), complete instructions and a key to your home.

So why choose pet sitting?
1. Your pet will not have the stresses of staying in a strange facility, away from home.
2. Your pet will have individual attention rather than sharing with other families pets
3. Pet sitters do more than just feed, water & let your pet out. They also fill the emotional & health needs with walks, snuggles, hugs & kisses.
4. Your pet has the comfort of sleeping their home rather than a cage at night.
5. Pet sitters also do other services, usually at no extra charge
a. Bring in the mail & news paper, so not even the mailman knows you are away.
b. Vacuum up the hairballs or cat litter around the box.
c. Poop scoop the yard or barn to clean up after you pet.
d. Water the house plants
6. Most pet sitters are always more than happy to text pictures of your pet while you are gone.


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